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Mt. Kilimanjaro Mountain Warnings on Kili

The beginning of the end of Crater Camp

By Peter Baxter | October 5th, 2009 | Comments Off

FurtwanglerThe current buzz in Kilimanjaro is the imminent closure of Crater Camp. I discovered this on my most recent trip when a few mates and I summited via the Western Breach and ... [read on]

A few Common Kili Scams

By BootsnAll | June 29th, 2009 | 25 Comments »

PorterHard times always bring out the creativity in man. Necessity is the mother of invention. There are a slough of offers across the internet for cut price Kilimanjaro climbs being tendered ... [read on]

The Fair Trade Principal in Kilimanjaro

By Peter Baxter | November 5th, 2008 | 1 Comment »

The principal of Fair Trade came into vogue in the 1980s when Anita Roddick formed the Body Shop chain based on her own exhaustive confirmation that everything purchased and used in the manufacture of her cosmetics had been traded fairly. ... [read on]

6 Day Machame Route – Is It Smart?

By Donovan | January 15th, 2008 | Comments Off

There are some mountaineering companies on Mt. Kilimanjaro who sell 6 days treks on the Machame route. The idea is to present tourists with more options, creating a cheaper price, and shorter amount of days. In my opinion, you should ... [read on]

Climber Dies on Kilimanjaro

By Donovan | March 26th, 2007 | Comments Off

It’s always sad to see this happen, but a climber on Kilimanjaro died. This seems to happen a few times per year, but it should not discourage you from going to climb the mountain yourself. There is a small handful, ... [read on]

Rongai Route: A Story

By Donovan | January 19th, 2007 | Comments Off

I stumbled upon a good story in one of BootsnAll’s blog about hiking the Rongai route of Mount Kilimanjaro. If you want to read a day-to-day account of this guys experience climbing Kilimanjaro, you might want to check it out. ... [read on]

Travel Insurance: Should you have it?

By Donovan | January 12th, 2007 | Comments Off

While Kilimanjaro is one of the easier mountains to climb in the world, it does not mean you should forgo travel insurance. Travel insurance is usually required by all foreign expeditions companies, but not required by local companies ... [read on]

Want to feel like shit? Climb Kilimanjaro, mate.

By Donovan | December 29th, 2006 | Comments Off

freezing.jpgJust because Mount Kilimanjaro is one of those well-known mountains that everyone likes to climb, you should be forewarned that it’s not always a happy experience. Climbing Kilimanjaro can, and will, kick ... [read on]

Missing Climber Body Found in China

By Donovan | December 27th, 2006 | Comments Off

Sorry folks, this is non-Kilimanjaro related story, but does go to show you the power of mountains – something you should consider when climbing Kilimanjaro. As many of you know, one of the owners of Mountain Maddness, Christine ... [read on]

Guide Scam – Have clients descend the mountain early

By Donovan | December 6th, 2006 | Comments Off

Another fairly good scam on Mount Kilimanjaro, often orchestrated by the guides, is to basically have the people come off the mountain earlier than planned.

Here is how it works. The guide usually pays for the least amount of day ... [read on]

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