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Mt. Kilimanjaro Climber Profiles

Check out some of the people who have climbed Kilimanjaro.

Tracy Benham

By Donovan | May 16th, 2005 | Comments Off

Bio: Tall, goofy, female who always has a slight sunburn. I am a triathlete who loves to spend most of her free time in and on the water ( kayaking, boating, diving, etc.) Working can get in the way of ... [read on]

Daisy Ko

By Donovan | May 16th, 2005 | Comments Off

When I’m not on the road, you’re most likely going to find me either in class at the University of Washington, at events featuring electronica music, hanging out with friends at coffee shops, or at work as a part-time sales ... [read on]

Madhu Reddy

By Donovan | May 15th, 2005 | Comments Off

I’m a dreamer.The day I saw Gregory Peck in the Hemmingway novel about “Snows of Kilimajaro” I knew I had to see this mountain. Don’t think I ever thought about climbing it…but now I will.

Little ol’ me was born in the Deccan town ... [read on]

Mark Horner

By Donovan | May 14th, 2005 | Comments Off

Mark Horner. Thirty-eight years old. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Home is Big Bear Lake, CA when I am back in the states. I am currently working in Iraq for ‘THAT’ government contractor. I ... [read on]

Deanna Sorenson

By Donovan | May 14th, 2005 | Comments Off

Waiting for picture and profile


Chris Heidrich

By Donovan | May 13th, 2005 | Comments Off

Chris is from Brisbane, Australia and began his journey in 1996 with some friends on a trip to Chicago to pick up Sean, and then on to England to see the Euro ’96 football tournament. Thus began a steep learning ... [read on]

Sean E. Keener

By Donovan | May 13th, 2005 | Comments Off

Sean grew up in Chicago, Illinois and began his journey in 1994 with a year of study at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. His studies and travels there inspired him as he met travellers from all over the ... [read on]

Donovan Pacholl

By Donovan | May 13th, 2005 | Comments Off

After close to four years of public relations work, Donovan took a life-changing journey through 16 countries, where he concluded that the world of travel was his passion. At the age of 27 he embarked on his second journey to ... [read on]

Courtney Ries

By Donovan | May 13th, 2005 | Comments Off

Courtney “Tennis Court” Ries is the youngest brat of the BootsnAll bunch.

The midwest native was born in Milwaukee and moved all around the freezing cold Northern states before landing in Apple Valley, Minnesota, which, despite it’s name, has no apple ... [read on]

Marisa Umsawasdi

By Donovan | May 13th, 2005 | 2 Comments »

An adventure nut by nature — you’ll likely find me scaling rocks, abseiling down glacier-melt waterfalls, rafting in frigid waters, jumping out of planes, hanggliding over picturesque shark infested waters, kayaking past dolphins…and for the latest adventure, summitting Mt. Kilimanjaro! ... [read on]

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My brother is planning to climb kilimanjaro with this company

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