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Tourists Skip Kenya, Head to Tanzania

By Donovan | January 4th, 2008 | 1 Comment »

Given the recent outbreak of violence in Kenya from the presidential elections, thousands of tourists have canceled their safaris in Kenya, scared that the violence will escalate. Although no violence has been directed at tourists yet, a number of international ... [read on]

Climb Kilimanjaro for The Children’s Society

By Donovan | January 8th, 2007 | 2 Comments »

Every few days, I hear of someone climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for a cause. They go out, get a bunch of friends and family, raise money for the cause, and then go over and painfully make their way to Kilimanjaro’s summit, ... [read on]

Mt. Kilimanjaro Forum Thread for the week of October 16, 2006

By Jessica | October 20th, 2006 | Comments Off

Check out this topic currently being discussed on the Mt. Kilimanjaro Forum at BootsnAll:

Folks are discussing the unfortunate news of a dead porter on Kili. It’s certainly tragic – especially to anyone who’s been awed by how hard ... [read on]

World Leaders Climb Kilimanjaro

By Donovan | July 12th, 2006 | Comments Off

This is a brilliant idea put together by Outward Bound. They are bringing together world leaders, from all parts of the world, to climb Kilimanjaro together, facing the hardships and challenges of climbing the highest mountain in Africa – learning ... [read on]

Global Warming and Kilimanjaro

By Donovan | June 7th, 2006 | 5 Comments »

There has been a tremendous amount of interest in Kilimanjaro the last few weeks. Ever since Al Gore’ movie, An Inconvenient Truth, made the claim that Kilimanjaro’s glaciers are melting due to global warmings. Many pundits debate whether this is ... [read on]

New Story: Climber knows great heights, great depths

By Donovan | November 29th, 2005 | Comments Off

This is a somewhat interesting story from The Times Dispatch. It’s a story about Charles Macfarlane, who climbs with five blind climbers on Mt. Kilimanjaro. He was climbing with Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind climber to reach the summit ... [read on]

Why increase prices in Tanzania?

By Donovan | October 25th, 2005 | Comments Off

Although it seems like prices for Tanzania – to climb Kilimanjaro and go on safari – are already expensive, there is a long-term, sustainable reason for the increase. In the last 10 years, the number of tourists climbing the ... [read on]

Kilimanjaro… Hakuna Matata

By Donovan | September 15th, 2005 | Comments Off

On an HBS trek a little out of the ordinary, 22 students left Boston on December 29th to visit Africa and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the continent at 19,343 ft (5,896 m). The trip combined three days ... [read on]

News Story: UN launches new project to conserve Mt. Kilimanjaro

By Donovan | September 12th, 2005 | Comments Off

Ten million more US dollars have been granted to finance the conservation project of Mount Kilimanjaro and its surrounding ecosystem, according to reports reaching here on Saturday.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched this week the second phase of ... [read on]

Kilimanjaro adventure to help AIDS children

By Donovan | September 6th, 2005 | Comments Off

Harrington residents can be forgiven for wondering about the slim, fit young woman and her dog running up and down the town’s water tower hill – over and over, dozens of times – in recent weeks.

It’s the best way Ingrid ... [read on]

Mt. Kilimanjaro News

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