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Kilimanjaro Company Review: Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris

I received this message today from a distraught person who visited Tanzania. His name is Shinko Mondori. Whether or not this is true, I don’t know, but it’s good to hear real reviews of people who have bad experiences. Marketing material and other comments on website and books can create false impressions.

“We used Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safari for our northern circuit safari in Tanzania. What a disaster! Andrew, the managing director, totally screwed up our trip, promising everything and delivering nothing. We didn’t even have blankets (which we specificially asked whether we should bring our sleeping bags) in our tents!

I would NOT recommend this company!!!! Stay away. There are too many other good operators out there to waste your time and money. He almost destroyed our whole trip to Tanzania! We even had to cut our safari short by a day because he did not book our flight out of Arusha till 2 days before the end of the safari. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!”

Whenever I organize a safari or climb up Kilimanjaro, I usually preface it with this:

While we strive to make your trip the best possible, and pride ourselves on trying to cover every detail of your trips, it’s important to understand that Tanzanian business, time and culture operate in a different manner throughout East Africa. With an adventure trip this long and of this magnitude, you are bound to encounter a multitude of problems, which could effect your itinerary: bad weather happens, vehicles break down, people get sick, etc. While we have back up plans for all of these instances, it’s important to understand that is part of the adventure in Tanzania.

But even this is no excuse for over promising and under delivering…

By Peter Baxter | Permalink | 3 comments | February 6th, 2008
Tags: Adventure Travel, Expedition Companies, Mount Kilimanjaro, Safari
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By George McDonald | February 22nd, 2008

Am George McDonald from Chicago USA District #94. 326 Joliet Street. West Chicago, IL 60185. I, a Solo traveling across Africa. I have just arrived Tanzania from South Africa, Kruger National Park. While search for an Outfitter to organize my trip, I can across the Complaint from the client Now Am commenting concerning Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Review

I don’t doubt the client had a bad time/lucky, and bad trips happen all over the world America and Europe are no exceptions.
To avoid any situations like those described on the website
Ask your tour operator for a kit list, use a bit of common sense a ‘blanket at 4500m above sea level is not going to keep you warm, even if it was provided a minus 15 to minus 20degree celcius sleeping bag will. Also nowadays weather do change then and then due to Global environmental destruction and changes. Also make sure you tell the Tour Operator exactly what your interests are, and let him send you Service Voucher mentioning all Services and equipments. Before start of Safari count check. Don’t over expect good service as you should know that is Third World Country, underdeveloped countries not same as yours. Most Important thing is your Safety and Secuty.
Be advised, in my experience, it has not been possible to book a flight on local Tanzania’s internal flight carrier in advance. Or if possible the airlines can change schedule or find themselves overbooked and so they have power to reschedule. You should be glad that you got flight ticket to get other service in Zanzibar at right time.
I wonder why some websites just take Reviews especially opinions with bad images to certain Company and publish on the web without contacting the other part???!!! It is not fair; there should be justice in business.
Take out travel insurance to cover all eventualities.
Sometimes things happen which are not under control of the Operator (example those mentioned by Kilimanjaro Logue webmaster). So insurance can cover all those. Last advice is that before paying the Company or sending deposit ask for some Previous clients/tourists references.

By Andrew Sanders | September 27th, 2008

Hi, We just came back from the Kenya, Tanzania+ Zanzibar safari with Neo Destinations( on recommendation from tripadvisor and other travel review websites. Despite Kenya and Tanzania being 3rd worlf countries, I must confess that we travelled to Africa with minimum expections but suprisingly our trip was one of the best organised vacation we have had in a long time. Neo Destinations managed to put together a trip on a very short notice. Unlike other operators, Jerry the manager allowed us to pay in Nairobi on arrival.
In particular we enjoyed our stay at the Mara Leisure Camp Maasai Mara, Tarangire Bush camp, Ngorongoro crater and Breezes Beach club Zanzibar.
Our domestic flights to Daresalaam and even the ferry tickets to Zanzibar from Dar were booked for us in advance, meet greet services were also perfect. My advice would be to ALWAYS request for a safari checklist and pre safari briefing.

By Gregory | November 10th, 2008

Hello there,
I have just came around with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris website while researching for Tour in Tanzania.

Then I contacted them among other Tour Operators. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris People offered me well planned and arranged Tour plan and affordable among other tour companies.
But Also looking for legitimate of the Company I came across bad review for the company. This is one review published in mt Kilimanaro logue. How ever I went on and read the comments/references of past clients on the Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Company website. All reviews/comments are good and promising. I also requested contact for those past clients and given, I contacted them and they said Kilimanjaro Tanzanite is Good Company and offers best services and affordable packages.

Now I wonder why Kilimanjaro Logue just published bad reviews for Kilimanjaro Tanzanite?? Did webmaster contacted Kilimanjaro Tanzanite safaris Company adminstrator before Publishing this bad review.

This is not good in Business relations and can led travelers miss some best offers from Kilimanjaro Tanzanite.

I call upon other Travelers just to Ignore the review.

Thanks for understanding.


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